Do I need to be in therapy to use Rebound?

No! Rebound is designed to work whether or not you're in therapy. We made our program as flexible as possible to meet you wherever you're at on your journey.

What if multiple traumatic events happened to me?

Not to worry, Rebound is absolutely still for you. This is super common: most people who have experienced trauma have had more than one traumatic thing happen to them. We designed our product to work regardless of how many traumas you've been through. We'll guide you on how to reprocess your memories in the app.

How will I know if it's working?

We're laser-focused on reflecting your progress back to you so you can see yourself improving in real-time. We give you the opportunity to complete the gold-standard of self-assessments, the PCL-5, developed by researchers to screen for common symptoms of trauma. We'll ask you to do the PCL-5 during onboarding, and then periodically ask you to do it again throughout the program. Trauma recovery isn't always linear, but we will make sure you know how you're doing and tailor your program to help you recover. We don't leave things up to chance!

Still looking for answers?

Email us at team@hellorebound.com.

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